The PreSale Phase of FLOGmall ICO is completed

The FLOGmall team is happy to announce the successful completion of its ICO PreSale, during which the target soft cap was reached.  Currently, over 500 thousand dollars, or 387 ETH, has been raised from 26 investors. The PreSale phase took place from December 14, 2017, to January 14, 2018, with a Mallcoin exchange rate of 6000 MLC to 1 ETH.

What Is Mallcoin?

FLOGmall has introduced an open-source cryptographic token, Mallcoin. Mallcoin is a cryptocurrency that will be able to be used as payment in the FLOGmall platform. The token will be used as a payment unit for all transactions in the FLOGmall system and as a basis for interaction with other digital services.
Mallcoin is a limited-edition token. It is not a subject to long-term inflation. Mallcoin tokens are equivalent and translatable. A plan is in the works to trade Mallcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges.

FLOGmall’s primary and most attractive innovation for its participants is the built-in automatic token exchange system (ATES) for Mallcoin. The system is simple and transparent, with an internal token exchange rate, as well as a clear algorithm for trading tokens between the platform’s buyers and sellers.

The functionality of this service is partially similar to an internal mutual commitment service. An automatic token exchange happens in return for beneficial activity on the platform.

When buying FLOGmall tokens at the pre-ICO or ICO phase, a user who wants to become a token holder receives a significant discount on purchasing them. Once the primary ICO has concluded, the platform will initiate the monetization process by providing additional services and functionality. The platform will make a commitment that the token exchange rate in the ATES will be higher than the rate during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Token holders will gain an access to the ATES after the platform launch. They can use the ATES to exchange the tokens they received during the ICO phases both with sellers and other users of the platform’s services. In this way FLOGmall will share the platform’s revenue with token holders from day one. Token holders can also sell their tokens to any user who sees a potential for token growth as a result of the token being issued on the exchanges in the near future.

ICO Phases

The next phase will be the Pre-ICO, which will be conducted on the FLOGmall platform and a crowdfunding platform from February, 22 up till March 8, 2018. The soft cap for this phase is set at $2.5 million, and the Mallcoin exchange rate will be 3000 MLC to 1 ETH.
Next is the ICO phase, which will take just three weeks. It will be conducted from March, 22 up till April 12, 2018, with a soft cap target of $5 million. The Mallcoin exchange rate will be 2000 MLC to 1 ETH.
Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies can be used to participate in the ICO.



The current plan is to issue 250,000,000 Mallcoin tokens (MLC). The Mallcoin sale price is pegged to Ethereum and will change from one sale phase to the next. This means that as the Ethereum exchange rate rises, so does the Mallcoin exchange rate, and vice versa. For the convenience of ICO participants, the approximate USD value of Mallcoin will be displayed, automatically recalculated based on the current value of Ethereum as of the current date.

About the Project

FLOGmall is an international e-commerce platform created for users from around the world who buy and sell various goods and services with tokens. As of now, there no real analogues to this service. Stores will be displayed on FLOGmall in a new, unique format called LiveStore. The “live store” is a combination of blog and video content about sellers, stores, goods, and services.

When working with FLOGmall, sellers will no longer need expensive marketing. FLOGmall makes it easy for them to create their own marketing campaigns to directly attract buyers.

Meanwhile, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase mass-market goods for cryptocurrency. Various electronics, appliances, clothing, and other day-to-day items will now be available to token holders.

New directions for services including real estate (renting, sales), digital marketing, financial services are planned to develop.

Blockchain technology is changing the way photographers protect their creative endeavors online. Realizing the potential of blockchain technology, Kodak — the imaging products company has recently announced KodakOne. Through the platform, the company provides an option for people to buy and sell photographs using cryptocurrency. The reward: a huge stock spike of over 300%.

But what’s the reasoning behind Kodak’s planned move to seize the blockchain moment? Is the product worthy of the victory over skeptics? How does KodakOne compare to Copytrack, an already established blockchain based image search and copyright enforcement service provider?

Copyrights and Copytrack

About 85% of images online are used without a valid license from the copyright owner. Rapid digitization is quickly turning digital image theft into a norm. In the current system, copyright infringement is difficult to pursue and are often considered a trivial offense.  In contrast, Copytrack is creating a system called the Global Decentralized Copyright Registry which links digital intellectual property to their respective copyright owners. This process happens under a unique ecosystem which creates a new system which efficiently authenticates digital licenses for right holders to protect their work and benefit from their creations. Copytrack is currently holding its token sale which is expected to run through to 9th February 2018.

KodakOne: An Entirely Different Use case

On the other hand, KodakOne’s image rights management platform will be designed such that it creates an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers to register both new and archived work that they can then license within the platform. KodakCoins, the platform’s own token, will be available for purchase beginning 31st January in an initial Coin Offering. This will allow participating photographers to receive payments on the use of their work and sell their work confidently on a blockchain network. KodakOne is the product of a licensing agreement between Kodak and Wenn Digital inc., a Delaware based company that was founded in November 2017.

It Is Not Just About Images on Blockchain

Different from Copytrack, Kodak has now embraced the digital ledger technology with its flagship KodakOne program which will be rolled out soon. This is different from Copytrack which already has a proven track record earned over a number of years and in the process of developing a technology in conjunction with other enforcement services in around 140 countries. In addition to this comparison, the KodakOne’s plan outlines the provision to solely register images on the blockchain while its counterpart, the Copytrack’s Global Copyright Registry is an open blockchain designed for any type of digital content, including music, and videos among others.

Just Another Crowdsale?

KodakOne’s ICO is set to be a closed sale which will only be accessible to accredited investors while the Copytrack token sale is open to all who wish to invest on the blockchain as well as become part of the cryptocurrency platform. Technical details on the KodakOne are yet to be released, however, judging by the early entry of Copytrack, KodakOne has a lot to catching up to do. At the moment, Copytrack is the undisputed champion in blockchain based copyright infringement. The Global Copyright Registry helps creators, in general, to protect, track and monetize their work under an existing platform.

More information about Copytrack is available at –

2017 was undoubtedly the year of cryptocurrencies. First and foremost, we experienced sharp price increases. Bitcoin rose by 1370% but impressive as this rate is, it is still quite modest in comparison with other popular coins such as Litecoin (5308%), Ethereum (9073%) or Ripple (35466%).

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, cryptocurrencies have been noticed by people outside the fintech community. It seems that we have reached a tipping point, after which they can no longer be ignored by public or private institutions. They are bound to enter the mainstream but how they are going to do that depends to a large extent on the governments and regulatory bodies. Cryptocurrencies run parallel to the traditional banking system, thus making it this much more difficult to track – or tax them. Quite understandably, the reactions from governments have been mixed. On one hand, we have China who has banned cryptocurrency exchanges as well as ICOs. On the other, we have Japan who has allowed companies to accept payments in Bitcoin, which resulted in a spike in the trading volume in JPY.

What will the coming year hold for cryptocurrencies? As we have seen myriads of new ones cropping up, a selection will likely occur with some of them dropping in value and then disappearing completely.

As for the big players, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash or Ripple, they are definitely here to stay. When it comes to prices, these will likely fluctuate. Fortunately, seasoned traders will know how to make a profit regardless if an instrument goes up or down.

We are also likely to observe the continuation of diversified approaches of the governments: the more strict ones are going to drive the crypto businesses away, whereas the more lenient ones will benefit from welcoming them and tapping into this opportunity.

Another distinctive feature of cryptocurrencies, which will likely drive their adoption, and also the reason why we at SimpleFX enjoy them so much, is how well-suited they are for moving money among individuals and institutions on all continents. Contrary to traditional bank transfers, they allow for speed and efficiency, at a low cost and eliminating unnecessary intermediaries.

What will the coming year hold for SimpleFX and our customers? We will definitely keep on developing our offer, all the while keeping it simple. The next thing on our agenda will be to launch a completely new trading platform for desktops. This is bound to be an eventful year for cryptocurrencies. Regardless of how the situation is going to unfold, we’ll be there to help you capitalize on the trading opportunities that will definitely appear.

A lot of things have happened in the world of cryptocurrency. Upbit, one of Korea’s oldest trading platforms, had all but disappeared from people’s mind in the past few months. That is somewhat surprising, as the platform was only launched in October of 2017. Ever since that time, the company has not been too transparent regarding its daily transaction volume. Surprisingly, they did so earlier this week, and the results are somewhat shocking. In fact, they are now the world’s biggest exchange in terms of daily transactions.

It is good to see Upbit make a name for itself in the world of cryptocurrency. Although the platform hasn’t been around that long, it is of great interest to its users. More specifically, their 24-hour trading volume last night shattered most records to date. Nearly 5 trillion Won – worth $4.62bn – was exchanged on this platform in 24 hours. That is a very steep amount, although it is not entirely surprising either. South Korean trading platforms are dominating all trades these days and things will not change anytime soon.

Upbit Notes an Impressive Trading Volume

The disclosure of the Upbit trading volume is rather controversial. it is unclear why the company is doing so only now. After all, these metrics are shared by all other trading platforms without any problems. It seems the company purposefully waited until a major development could be reported. It is evident these numbers make some other exchanges pale in comparison. Upbit even successfully surpassed Binance in terms of trading volume, which is rather impressive.

It will be interesting to see how things will evolve in the future. More specifically, the South Korean government wants to clamp down on cryptocurrency trading. Whether or not they will be successful in this regard, remains to be seen, though. Domestic cryptocurrency trading is subject to major speculation and irrational behavior. That is evident by the current cryptocurrency prices most people see on these platforms right now. Curbing this enthusiasm will not straightforward or even appreciated.

It is unclear what the future holds for Upbit and other cryptocurrency exchanges. For now, the regulatory measures in South Korea have made a negative impact on the markets already. This is only a temporary dip which will eventually lead to higher lows, though. Upbit has a big role to play in the future of cryptocurrency, that much is evident. Whether or not they can keep producing such massive trading volume, remains to be determined. It is not unlikely this is only the beginning for the South Korean exchange.

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Giving a boost to the utilization of cryptocurrencies will untie established use of crypto investments and potentially provide a lot of freedom to token holders. A new investment world for crypto holders where smart contracts can help us “sleep better at night” can change the game of old traditional asset management. French-based team created an algorithmic crypto-asset manager with algorithmic trading strategies to help determine best trading options and be in full control of our investments taking good advantage of technology behind.

Giving a boost to the utilization of tokens by making crypto means of investment into tangible assets will untie established use of crypto investments and provide a lot of freedom to its holders. A new investment world for crypto holders is developed where smart contracts can help us “sleep better at night”– the digitalized and trustworthy free market crypto-economy.

Crypto-asset manager that is specialized in algorithmic trading strategies to help determine best trading options. Be in full control of our investments taking good advantage of technology behind. Like many other crypto startups, that sounds good as an idea but what are the competitive factors for success which makes us want to invest? Although the outcome of ICO is never predictable, the team of founders and developers always make investment decisions more solid. What do we trust more– the idea or the people behind it? It is like a chicken and egg situation. Such symbiosis is a deal-maker. However, the ratio is probably not 50/50. The team makes the idea work as it takes development, dedication and effort with potential pivoting and contingency strategies, they come up with the idea and sweat all their human capital assets to make it work. So, the team is the core importance. If you think about investing into cryptocurrencies during ICOs, probably the most important step after understanding the concept being offered is getting to know the team.

Behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash are the teams of the most outstanding people who spend a lot of time in working on crypto economic systems. NaPoleonX doesn’t stay behind. There is a solid foundation behind French-based NaPoleonX. Holding MS and PhD’s from top institutions, having decades of experience heading EUR multi-billion portfolio management team working in top financial institutions, designing and running high-performance trading bots, understanding how data science works and owning the entrepreneurial spirit, in combination, lead to the formation of NaPoleonX’s team. Coming from the background the company intends to innovate and reinvent– financial institutions and big investors world by penetrating adaptation of crypto, project’s strategy ticks the box in due diligence.

The Cryptoeconomic model presented by NaPoleonX team provides different scenario calculations and penetrates the regulatory system which, in case of contingencies, backs up the user. Conservative approach to calculations and overall presentation of the project builds trust around the idea as NaPoleonX goes beyond standard crypto focus into entireness of crypto economics to expand and develop its influence on day-to-day lives of not only the people who understand it but the big economies on a global level.

The project, run by Napoleon Crypto SAS – parent company, aims to penetrate the all-weather performing investment solutions for crypto holders, through Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) which, in highly unregulated cryptocurrency world, intends to be fully regulated and licensed by obtaining the EU asset management license after ICO ends. Cryptocurrency funds will be able to finance industries transparently leveraging big amounts of investments. It will be possible with DAFs which are smart contracts that can invest in the crypto and fiat market through trading bots.

According to NaPoleonX’s Whitepaper, DAFs will develop unique strategies by combining algorithmic strategies and leverage ratios to develop unique return targets and risk exposures.  NaPoleonX will build the infrastructure and regulatory framework environment with enforced rules where the Blockchain will be employed to ensure fund adherence to its mandate and DAFs will point out to trade and portfolio information, as well that token holders will be able to access. The regulatory framework takes a significant part of the platform. Financial returns scenarios in intended forms give the idea that the creators are savvy in what they are aspired about. According to the idea of NaPoleonX project, trading commodities, shares, futures, etc with cryptocurrencies will absolutely change the form money is invested.

NaPoleonX and ICO

In its new investments world aims to achieve full autonomy and complete control over investments by user parties, the company plans project’s ICO on Jan. 22nd at 11am UTC.  Although ICOs are not about raising money but about creating networks effects and adding value to the ecosystem, network effect grows into multiplier effect (Huffpost, 2017). Network effects are marketing, building the brand and leveraging it so more users become part of the network. So, is ICO more of a marketing strategy and trial to assess popularity of the idea amongst general public? It is, possibly,  more of that than of the fundraising technique.

It is not easy to be the pioneer…

There are different projects which establish a niche to the diversification of crypto investment capabilities. Iconomi creates a diversified performing fund from a various digital currency allowing people to invest in crypto assets and decentralized-economy startups with fiat money. Blackmoon launches a high yield fund. NaPoleonX is creating a strategy for diversified investments into various assets with cryptocurrencies by becoming the first algorithmic crypto-asset management system. We may guess whether it is the right time to expand cryptocurrency investment capabilities, however, isn’t it the inevitable trend which would have come anyways considering how the crypto world has been expanding? NaPoleonX stresses transparency in asset management which is the invisible hand which will stimulate further evolution of the crypto world. We will soon know if the disruptor in face NaPoleonX finds its niche.


Dash traders sold off again during the Wednesday trading hours, breaking down below the $700 level. In fact, the volume break below the $800 level was significant enough to make me think that when we rally, sellers will be coming back to short the market again. I anticipate that the dash market has further to go to the downside, with at least $600 being targeted.


Litecoin simply cannot get out of its own way. We are well below the $200 level now, and likely heading to at least the $150 level, if not the $100 level. The volume has been picking up to the downside, as retail traders are getting out of the market place. I suspect that we have several more days of negativity, before offering some type of value that longer-term traders can take advantage of.

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A well-known expert in the field of cryptocurrencies David Drake and highly skilled banking executive with many years of experience Ilya Zibarevhave joined Connectius.  These masters will act as advisers of the international startup team Connectius with Russian background.

The Сonnectius project is a SaaS-solution for electronic commerce based on blockchain technology, one of the basic tasks of which is to fight online fraud while making online payments for goods on trading platforms.

Integration of innovative solutions to the existing e-trading platforms, such as securing of any transactions by means of smart contracts and arbitration for dispute resolutions will allow reducing the number of fraudulent transactions without the presence of a card and the unfair abolition of transactions.

At the time of writing of this article, the team is working hard on the testing of the alpha version of their own trading platform, mobile application, which is designed to demonstrate a Connectius idea as a universal decision. Besides they are busy with preparation for official beta-version release of this product, which is planned for the last decade of January.

David Drake, through his family office, LDJ Capital, has acted as GP & LP investor with his partners in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds and hedge funds. Mr. Drake’s investments currently have 50+ global directors which span across institutions and family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Mr. Drake’s access to 100,000 investors is maintained through his media asset, The Soho Loft Media Group, which has produced and sponsored over 1100+ finance conferences since 2002, such as events with institutional media leader, Thomson Reuters and sponsors from Nasdaq, NYSE, KKR, and the Carlyle Group. LDJ Special Situations partners have invested $100 Million in Alibaba and Palantir.

As David’s main objectives, the founders see the project development by attracting highly qualified experts and specialists to the team, a partner base developing, and building trust relationships with the potential token-holders.

“I am glad to join this ambitious and promising project as an adviser. The blockchain technology integration into the e-commerce market will be able to take the fight against fraud to a new level and significantly reduce this aspect of costs that affect the pricing of market offers,” said David Drake.

Ilya Zibarev came to a decision to support the project as a strategic adviser and business consultant both at the time of ICO and after its ending.  Ilya Zibarev’s     primary objective is advising of the project in the main vectors of its development and help in crowdfunding.

Ilya Zibarev, a highly qualified expert having 8 years of experience working in executive positions in Alfa-Bank JSC, the largest private bank in Russia and the seventh largest bank in volume of assets, ex-chairman of board of the “Russkiy Standart” bank and one of the leaders on the credit card market, said: “”Connectius draw my attention primary by its ambitious plans to reduce the level of online frauds. Contrary to many other startups Connectius has real benefits and already functioning alfa version of the product, supported by a serious design team, besides its ambitious development plans”.

Startup team in its turn is sure, that experience of such highly qualified specialist as Ilya Zibarev will favor the project not only at the time if ICO, but will also help to choose the corresponding direction in business development.

Let us recall, that at the present moment Connectius Tokens are being actively sold. All terms and detailed information you may find on: Crowdsale will end on the 20th of January 2018.

White Paper, English.:


Ethereum continue to roll over during the Wednesday session, reaching the $900 level. It now looks as if the $800 level is all but assured, and then the $700 level. I think at this point in time, any rally is a selling opportunity, unless we can clear the $1100 level. One thing that does concern me is that the heaviest volume that we have seen over the last several weeks has been on the break down below $1000, not a good sign.


Ethereum is struggling against Bitcoin, which of course isn’t a surprise. However, both of these currencies are getting absolutely pummeled over the last several days, so at this point in time you can’t read too much into that action. I believe that the 0.08 level underneath is the “floor” in the uptrend, and if we can hold there, we will probably bounce. Otherwise, it’s a selling opportunity.

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Getting more businesses to accept cryptocurrency is anything but easy. Price volatility, high transaction fees, and slow confirmations are all holding Bitcoin back right now. According to Mark Cuban, things will change for the better very soon. More specifically, Cuban is also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks sports franchise. He told Twitter the team will start accepting Bitcoin payments next season. An intriguing development which leads to plenty of speculation.

It would be a major feather in the cap if another NBA team started accepting Bitcoin. More specifically, Mark Cuban claims that will be the case as far as the Dallas Mavericks are concerned. It will seemingly apply to game tickets, but there has not been any official confirmation as to how this will play out. Cuban told Bloomberg Bitcoin will not be the only cryptocurrency payment option. That in itself is interesting but also more than warranted. Bitcoin is not in the best of places right now. Some other currencies make a far stronger use case than BTC right now.

Mark Cuban Makes Some Major Promises

According to Mark Cuban, Ether will be a second cryptocurrency payment option. The choice for Ethereum’s native token is rather interesting. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum struggles with network congestion on occasion. Moreover, its network fees are also higher than they should be, albeit much lower than Bitcoin’s. Adding these two currencies would be an interesting start, to say the least. Moreover, the Dallas Mavericks might accept tokens as well. This will only apply to tokens issued by companies the team has business relationships with.

It is uncanny how Mark Cuban did a complete 180 on cryptocurrencies. Six months ago, he claimed bitcoin was in a bubble waiting to burst. At the end of 2017, he finally decided to invest in cryptocurrency. He’s also involved in a digital token and a blockchain fund. It is evident Cuban has finally seen the light, although things can always change in a heartbeat. After all, the cryptocurrency markets are currently in a state of mass panic.

For now, all of these proxies need to be taken with a grain of salt. Business people will gladly say one thing and do the complete opposite in the end. The Dallas Mavericks are a major sports franchise. Associating with cryptocurrencies can be both beneficial and a major risk at the same time. Rest assured there is still a lot of work to be done before these promises become a reality. In fact, it may never happen, for all we know. Mark Cuban certainly is an intriguing figure, but nothing he says should be taken at face value.


Bitcoin markets fell again during the trading session on Wednesday, as we have cleared the $12,000 level, and even reached towards the $10,000 level. Obviously, $10,000 is going to attract a lot of attention, not only because of the large round number, but also because of the significant 50% Fibonacci retracement level being touched. We have already reached that level, the question is whether we can sustain it? At this point, I think that rallies are to be sold.


Bitcoin also continues to fall against the Japanese yen, and at this point I would expect to see the ¥1 million level tested. If we rally from here, it’s not until we break above the ¥1.5 million level that I would believe it, and because of that I would be very cautious about rallies. I suspect selling the rallies continues to work here as well.

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