Billiard hall

Novosibirsk: Billiards - hall in the shopping center

Billiards Hall in the shopping mall "Continent" at:

st. Trolley, 130
Opening hours: Sun - Thu 12:00 - 24:00
pt. - сб. from 12:00 - 01:00
Order tables by phone: 308−46−10

At your service we offer:

10 professional 12-foot and 3 10-foot tables for the Russian pyramid of the Start company (Baron tournament series), as well as 6 tables for the American pool. Simonis cloth on all tables. Both for the pool and for Russian billiards, the club uses Belgian balls.

Stylish and comfortable.

Novosibirsk: Stylish and comfortable.

The original design, cozy atmosphere and homely atmosphere of the two billiards halls will pleasantly set you to rest. The large distance between the tables provides comfort for an amateur game. Therefore, we can confidently, with a large swing, play from the sides, without touching or hitting anyone or anything. Feature of the interior is the placement of soft sofas and tables around the perimeter of the room.
Each "coupe" is designed for 4−6 seats. And our ventilation and air conditioning system allows you to feel comfortable at any time of the day, even for non-smokers.

Learn! Billiards school.

Novosibirsk: Learn! Billiards school.

At any time, you can ask the marker to give you some useful tips. And if you seriously decided to get carried away with this game, you can take lessons from the coach - the famous billiards player, four-time Russian billiards champion - Dmitry Baev.

Billiards and not only ...

From any table you will be comfortable to watch on the screens of 14 huge plasma TVs placed above the game tables on which sports matches are broadcast, including billiards competitions.

Quality in everything.

Novosibirsk: Quality in everything.

We can not only play well, but also eat, drink a glass of beer or just drink coffee. Customer service is receiving increased attention. We appreciate each visitor and will be happy to offer you any drinks and dishes of European and Russian cuisine.

Novosibirsk: Quality in everything.

Excellent cuisine, a wide range of drinks allow you to spend here. corporate events. It has everything you need for a full recreation.
Places in the main hall will be enough even to organize dancing. We have already held similar events, and we have relevant experience.
Hospitality and hospitality - our distinctive feature
And we will be happy to arrange a holiday for you.

And much more…

Novosibirsk: And much more ...

We care not only about the quality of rest, but also about the safety of our visitors.
At the entrance is always on duty security officers. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that you get maximum enjoyment from playing billiards and the time spent with us.

Our rates

Russian  billiards 10/12 feet
Mon-Thu with 12 to 18 195
with 18 to 24 240
пт with 12 to 18 195
by 18 to 1
сб with 12 to 18 240
by 18 to 1
вс with 12 to 24 240
American pool
Mon-Thu with 12 to 18 150
with 18 to 24 195
пт with 12 to 18 150
by 18 to 1
сб with 12 to 18 210
by 18 to 1
вс with 12 to 24 210