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Romanova: I want to meet the New Year in Ridnau

There were also curious and uncounted goals, but the victory went to more experienced Dynamo players. I even thought that the leaders of the RRF simply went along the simplest path: they invited a specialist whose name was mostly heard. Physically, they were blinking, because of the Constipation, burning, they want a good team. Wife spoke out, of course. The coach, who recently turned 68 years old, was noted for working in more than a dozen clubs on both sides of the Panama Canal, and also brought the national team to the 2006 World Cup ... Read more "

"Ural" finished a series of test matches at the training camp in Croatia

Volyn and Tavriya met each other 20 times. There are not only tournament points on the map, but also a million euros in prize money from RUEFA for the win in the match. True, it was hard to get there. Former CSKA player Yevgeny Bushmanov, in a conversation with the correspondent “SE Internet”, commented on today's decision of the FTC RFC to disqualify midfielder Alan Dzagoev for five matches. Read more "

Donetsk Metallurgist will meet after Christmas

As a result, the goalkeeper received a cut of the tendon and did not get into the Spanish national team at the 2002 World Cup. How much the team wants to return to the number of serious teams, and should show the match with neighbors from the adjacent area. The midfielder found a bruise of the right leg, which he received in the game of the 11th round of the Premier League with “Spartak”, and his training plan was adjusted, informs Read more "

Cup "Peaceful Heart" will be played in Vladivostok

We have no division into the first or second assistant, we are one team - Sharan, Bezzubyak and Vasyutik - all natives of Western Ukraine. Kalitvintsev nbsp; mdash; the only coach who in the nbsp; current situation can lead the team ... Read more "

Russian national karate team is preparing for the World Cup in Kamchatka

Live broadcast (video) Beginning February 9, at 19. The first fight between these teams took place in November 2012. WSB: Russian team - Mexico team (video) Photo: worldseriesboxing. The champions of Europe Igor Razorenov and Wanda Maslovskaya received an invitation to represent Ukraine at the debut stage of the current World Cup. In the second, the Swedes were the masters of the situation, eventually winning 14: 3. Read more "

Long ago Fascination of football has won the competition? In the room of Samosavat

The first question of the contest Guess the star. Now on the account of the superforward, known for performances in Europe for Barcelona, ​​PSV Eindhoven and Valencia, already 990 goals, and to reach the coveted milestone. In the near future interviews will be held with the finalists of the competition, following which we will determine the winner of the competition and the new employee of our portal. Read more "

Bursak and Khurtsidze defended titles!

If you can not agree, you can go to the auction, as is done all over the world. I myself come from Vologda, but the first successes came to me in Murmansk. Over the past six years, my ward has lost only one fight. They say there have been cases of theft of belts ... For the first time after leaving the Californian club, Shaq once again put on the jersey of the West team. Read more "

Pink dream in dirty paws

Although nbsp; in general, for me Brazil nbsp; mdash; no longer nbsp; exotic. My next dream is to win the Cup of Ukraine with Tavria. We have young players, from 23 to 25 years old, and we should convey to these guys that they must win. Last year's survey winner, Brazilian Kaka, scored only 78 points this year (last year’s 444). I am very happy, I hope, I will be even more happy when I come to Madrid and I will be met by new teammates. Read more "

Wenger is not interested in working in the team

Was nbsp; penalty when shot down Srna. Paying more attention to the physical form of his charges at the meeting held before this meeting, Hiddink saved the analysis of the tactical drawing of the Azerbaijanis on the last day. The Russian national team in the match dedicated to the anniversary of the Super Series in 1972, defeated the national team of the Stars of the World. Fomenko had a position - the chairman of the National Teams Committee. Read more "