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Guus Hiddink is confident that the Russian team will win a ticket to the 2013 World Cup

Hiddink stressed that the Russians should adopt this style of play and build up, and not slow down the pace when intercepting the ball. The main prosecutor in the Roman football process, Stefano Palazzi, demanded serious punishments for four Serie A clubs. Read more "

Stetsenko: "Alcides is not eager to play for the Dnieper"

Ruslan decided to throw the ball back to his partner, but was inaccurate. In connection with the announcement of a lockout in the National Hockey League, KHL President Alexander Medvedev made a special statement. About this site "Champion" said the press attache of the Premier League, Andrei Palayev. Metallurg is clearly ahead and clearly was not. Dnepryans returning to the Europa League. For seven years, Dnipropetrovsk Dnipro has not played in the Europa League group round. Read more "

Rabinovich: I hope the Dynamo leadership will apologize

Also in his career were Osijek (2006-2010) and Leverkusen Bayer (2010-2011). It seems that this action was focused on “talk after the match,” of course, in terms of pointing to the possible “culprit” of their failure. Brown still managed to break through, but it is quite possible that the blow of Ninkovic himself from the penalty would be more dangerous. I am 90 percent sure that if the Kyiv team scores first, even in the first minutes of the meeting, they will make it to the next stage of the Champions League. Read more "

Akatev promised to start in Brazil annually

A serious accident in the second segment of qualification suffered Vitantonius Liuzzi. And each replacement was a plus sign, when no one came out badly. The second half of the game began with the attacks of the Brazilian national team that captured the initiative: Kaka and Robinho missed their chances to score. Or because they want to see how I will be beaten, ”the boxer noted. Read more "

Dniester beats leader + VIDEO

This Karim Benzema struggled to the end and seemed to confirm the thought of the predicted favorite of the match. But the “Spartak” we are able to ”All the materials of the plot Montoya had to go out to fight against Cristiano without a warm-up, but our defender showed a very competent game. Read more "

"Chernomorets can win against Dnipro, and with Miner"

Moreover, Lech could even stay with the wheel, but at certain points Poznan lucky. However, at the moment I am concentrating exclusively on the games for the club in which I play. Kovalenko moved to Kryvbas, where he appeared on the field in 16 games. Sometimes in nbsp; football you have to admit: they are better than us. The match starts at 20:00. The Russian woman said that she "always enthusiastically moves from the ground to the grass." Read more "

The goalkeeper of the Moscow hockey club Dynamo Alexander Eremenko conducts a series of 1/2 f

I would like to approach the following battles as best you can. Maybe United is not so damned, as the famous forward in the past week said. It still posed a threat, but due to its nature, the Poltava people held out. The decision will be made not personally by the head coach, but by the prospects for building the team. Read more "

Pandev: “I voted for Mourinho, but FIFA attributed my vote to Del Bosque”

I can tell you for sure that our captain Del Piero will remain in the nbsp; club. However, the vote is likely to occur even before the Portuguese and the Spaniard had a falling out, writes Sport Express. According to him, at the end of the contract with the Royal Club, he would like to return to London. Spain's Vicente Del Bosque, head coach of the Spanish national team, on the eve of today's match of the qualifying tournament of the 2014 World Cup with the French team, noted the importance of this game. Read more "

Sergey Sirotkin: “Tests for obtaining a super-license is not a formality”

The Russian Football Union thanks the former members of the executive committee of the organization for their fruitful work aimed at developing national football, the RFU said in a statement. Let me remind you: Ukrainian this week occupies the 49th row of the world ranking. Oper, Sledak and Varvara were returning to the office in the same car. Sasha's father was a Dynamo fan, did a lot for his son, was an authority for him. Read more "