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Tennis players experience post-olympic syndrome

In the first half, Duff and Nevland could have scored, and immediately after the break, Zamora put his brilliant form in the goal this season. Not to say that the match turned out to be spectacular, but still quite fascinating. The Spaniards did not have two wins leader - David Ferrer. Racism still exists in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, where many people dislike black people. Read more "

Kononov: We played and will play attacking football

He mastered the position of the attacker. And Zlatan goes back or not, depends on the presence on the field Elmander. From now on, the players of Sunderland are forbidden: to use mayonnaise, ketchup and coffee, talk on mobile and attention ... Later, the great Brazilian had to regret it and resort to artificial insemination, with the result that his wife gave him two twins. And in the second, Mikel San José headed the third goal with a pass from Inigo Perez. Read more "

Japanese boxer won the title in the seventh battle

But the Russian boxer at the last moment gave a “reverse”. I would love to speak again in Ukraine. But I can handle it and by the beginning of the new season I will be ready for one hundred percent, ”said Kim Clijsters. Two days after returning from France, a talented 22-year-old athlete, resting in Kiev Hydropark, drowned in the Dnieper. Both of our athletes representing the Hamburg club Universum Box-Promotion won in the ring. Read more "

Ronaldinho can leave Flamengo

I can only say one thing - if he leaves Barça, he will not go to ManSiti. But legionnaires with contracts before the end of 2013 and for longer periods would advise not to be overly arrogant to be out of the Kazakhstan club at times. Read more "

Champions prepare to defend title

Maybe in the course of the matches I will change something. Today, there are two fighters - I and the Canadian, whom the world community calls the strongest in this weight. In the framework of the match in New York, 36-year-old Sergei Dzinziruk fought against the 31-year-old American Brian Vera (21P victory, 12P by knockout, 6P defeat). Read more "

Gracias, Gracia!

By the way, the other day, Aliya opened her school in Shymkent, where young talents will begin to study. But the place of prima in Kazakhstan was not empty for long. With her latest results, 16-year-old Anna Alyabyeva showed that she would be a worthy successor to Yusupova. Read more "

CIS and Baltic countries. Tour Overview

After the break, we really wanted to make the score 2: 2. The Dutchman, thanks to his eighth, ninth and tenth goals of the season and one assist, made a great contribution to the victory of the cobalt in the game against Hamburg. NEWBLES AMAZED, YES ELSE AND WITH RECORDS Eintracht: 4 matches - 4 victories. Max Kruse scored Freiburg's fastest goal this season. “We play good football and want to continue like this,” said Fe. Read more "

Dynamo will sign Mustafa El Kabir?

On the nbsp; Moscow international friendly tournament laquo; the Lev Yashin Cup raquo; which started today in Moscow; organized by the Moscow laquo; Dynamo raquo ;, the first match took place. Kranjcar scored 19 goals in 84 matches of the Croatian Championship. Well, on the field everything was the same. And of course, against the background of such an advantage, like a bolt from the blue, was the goal of the owners. Read more "

Alexander PISCHUR: "I was faced with the fact"

Since both the Ukrainian and the French already have one defeat in the passive, the loser is unlikely to get another chance to break into the elite. I have always demonstrated honesty and integrity, both on the field and in life. Than satisfied than grieved. The Canadian side declined to comment prior to the official hearing. And secondly, practice shows that if you take care of yourself, then you will suffer a greater number of injuries. Read more "