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Novosibirsk: Italy. Double Balotelli brings victory to Milan, Napoli beats Atalanta and other matches

Italy. Double Balotelli brings Milan victory, Napoli beats Atalanta and other matches

Milan - Abbayeti, De Shilio, Bonerra, Zapata, Abate, K. Boateng (B.Traore, 81), Muntari, Flamini, Montovil, El-Shaaravi (8, Njiang, 58), Balotelli. Read more "

Cunego won the stage "Vuelta Basque Country" Contador continues to lead in the overall standings

Cunego (Italy, Lampre) - 4:02. IGNATENKO - 03.15 ... However, the pain in his knee did not prevent him from passing qualifying rounds and, together with award-winning American Nate Adams and Australian Robbie Madison, to reach the final. 1. Frank Rommel (Germany) 2.15.77. 2. Gerard de Roy (Holland, Ginaf) + 2.12. Nikolay Pankratov + 1.33,4 41. 17 2. Paul-Anders Ullevalseter (Norway, KTM) + 17. Read more "
Novosibirsk: Four Kenyan runners from Kazan may appear in the Russian team.

African runners appear in Russian team

Maslakov also said that the federation is planning to invite some talented young sportsmen. “They will study with us at the institute - probably, this will be the city of Kazan. Maslakov also added that at the sprint distances all the legionnaires in this Russian team will not appear very soon, because runners from the Caribbean states do not want to move to the Russian Federation. Read more "

Slutsky said that CSKA coped with psychology

All these days more recovered. I do not think that there was a difference in the functional state of the two teams. - What is the psychological state of your wards? - There is excitement. But the current champions still have a match in stock. Lokomotiv Moscow (Football) Tournament historyList-upCalendar Moscow (Football) Tournament historyStartupCalendar Audio Lokomotiv P CSKA. Read more "

The budget of "Tavria" increased by half

London's Tottenham during the winter transfer window is ready to pay £ 10 million for Manchester City midfielder. rubles per month, then Sergey Lomanov’s salary was increased to 250 thousand. Attempts to attack through the middle of the field didn’t lead to anything good, ”Heinkes says. Nothing has been done to resolve the situation as part of my proposal, ”explains Vyacheslav’s act on his official website. Read more "

Rafael Nadal: “Half a year ago such a scenario seemed unreal”

Still, all situations are different. Therefore, comparisons are not for me. But of course, this year’s success, considering what I experienced, is special. Now I do not have such a goal. Although in the race for points scored this season, at the moment I am in an excellent position. But in order to be the first racket of the world these days, it is necessary to play and it is good, throughout the whole season. Read more "

Ancelotti: The ending was not the best

There are a lot of experienced volleyball players, for whom there is nothing new in the game for a long time. And from the whole team. Story materials: Premier League. In nbsp; 4 nbsp; the last rounds of the Premier League 24-year-old striker laquo; red devils raquo; recorded in nbsp; his asset 7 nbsp; heads. The backbone of the team will be the former players of HC "Kharkiv" and Sumy "Ravens", as well as legionnaires from Russia and Belarus. Read more "

Dmitry Khomich: "This is racism. Those who do it are not people"

We add that already in the 5th minute of the meeting, the midfielder of Alades Dacosta from Vladikavkaz was removed from the field. The dark-skinned footballer showed the middle finger to Spartak fans, for which he immediately received a red card. When “Spartak” scored, the referee has already stopped rushing. - How did the bench take the removal of Dacosta? At first it seemed that nobody understood anything. Read more "
Novosibirsk: Yeltsin Cup will allow the Russian national team to play for the Universiade

Volleyball news in Russia today, June 26: The Yeltsin Cup will allow the Russian national team to play for the Universiade - Obmochaev

Volleyball tournament among women's national teams at the Cup of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin starts on Wednesday in Yekaterinburg. Russian teams will compete in Cuba, Japan, Poland, Italy and the Dominican Republic. “At 6 p.m. on June 26, the Vice-Governor - Head of the Administration of the Head of the Region Yakov Silin will open the International Volleyball Tournament for the Cup of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin (Yekaterinburg, DIVS),” the message said. Read more "