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Croatian high jumper Blanca Vlasic urged not to expect much from her at the start of the season

Our runner just two seconds lost to the owner of the track Federica Dal Ree. But Feofanova, not having conquered 4. 61 m, was content with “silver”. A 29-year-old spear thrower died in a car accident on Monday. Vitaly lost only two Kenyan representatives, John Cales and Mark Tanui, who had exactly the same result of 28.31 minutes. So high in the world over the past three years, no one jumped. Read more "

News of tennis in Russia today: Federer acknowledged that Tsonga beat him in all components of the game

The meeting held on Tuesday in Paris ended with the victory of Tsong in three sets - 7: 5, 6: 3, 6: 3. "Tsonga was better in all components of the game, he impressed me. Federer, having easily passed the first three laps, in 1/8 finals met stubborn resistance from Frenchman Gilles Simon. Federer conceded 1-2 in games, but managed to win in the end with the score 6: 1, 4: 6, 2: 6, 6: 2, 6: 3. Read more "

Lazio Inter. Check out

These are all moments that are only potentially dangerous. Success accompanied Udinese four minutes before the break. The final score in the second half was set by young Coutinho. I will not say that if I become the president of the PFL, all by a wave of a magic wand will change for the better, but the fact that it will happen sooner or later is a fact. Read more "
Novosibirsk: we will roll our sleeves to the glory of the country

Roll up sleeves to the glory of the country

Thus ended the first, as it now seems, the most ambitious sports project in Kazakhstan, which is not the most difficult either in duration or in terms of the amount of work done or in financial costs. Readers will certainly be interested to know what will be built here for the Universiade. So, let's go over all the points, recalling that this is only a blueprint, not tied to specific places in the city and, most likely, not having a technical justification. Read more "

"Alania" "Aktobe": playing against the attacker

Players from both teams are set to win, bookmakers, set odds, and fans are waiting for the start of the match. At the same time, sports experts and analysts argue about who has more chances to win. Two very active extreme midfielders and two strikers. Alexei Kosolapov, member of the Aktobe coaching staff: For the first time in European competition, we got a Russian team. Read more "

Alexey Kuznetsov: “Sometimes, to go ahead, you need to change something”

There are not so many hockey fans left who remember the once main goalkeeper of the Barys team in the 2013 seasons. He made his debut with “Barys” in the very first season of the KHL, and, despite the presence in the team goalkeeper-legionnaire, spent most of the matches on the ice. Read more "
Novosibirsk: Andrey Tikhonov: 'Call from Spartak'
 was unexpected '

Andrey Tikhonov: "Call from Spartak"  was unexpected "

Did not believe that they would call again in “Spartak”? The call from the home club was unexpected? - Of course, he was unexpected. As well as the fact that our "Sparta" will no longer be. This is life, this is football - there is no escape. - You said that you studied twice, meaning HST? - Yes. First one category, then another. Read more "

Klitschko can give Povetkin a second chance

Source: Today | Sport, Photo: daylife. World Heavyweight Champion WBO and IBF Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko can fight with the mandatory challenger for his IBF title Russian Alexander Povetkin in Russia. According to BoxingScene, Klitschko Jr. owed 85% of the total fee, while Thomson - the remaining 15%. It is not yet known how this non-sporting incident will affect the upcoming fight. Read more "
Novosibirsk: Doha hosts quarter-final matches of the tennis tournament

News of tennis in Russia today, January 3: Davydenko became the last semi-finalist at the Doha tennis tournament

The meeting ended with the score 6: 1, 6: 1 in favor of the Russians. Tennis players spent 50 minutes on the court. For reaching the final Davydenko will compete with the first racket of the competition - Spaniard David Ferrer. Soon he won the US Open in a brilliant style and is now considered to be one of the favorites of the coming season along with Novak, Roger and Rafa. Especially dangerous for Andy's rivals will be at Wimbledon and the US Open. Read more "