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Lutsenko can replace Mukhametshin in "Mordovia"

According to the data, the 26-year-old striker, who has become the top scorer in Khabarovsk in the last championship, has at least two proposals. One is from the “Gazovik” who returned to the first division from his native Orenburg. SKA-Energy CEO Sergey Feldman also confirmed information about interest in Lutsenko from the Mordovia side. Read more "
Novosibirsk: The national team of Russia in the final of the ice hockey tournament at the Universiade 2005

The national team of Russia in the final of the ice hockey tournament at the Universiade 2005

The hockey players of the Russian student team, which is based on the players of the Gazovik Club, showed absolutely the best result among all the teams in the group stage of the tournament and confidently won first place in Group B with 9 points and 38–3 goals difference. Read more "

Martial arts news in Russia today: Manager Hryunov is irreplaceable in Ryabinsky’s team - expert

Russian heavyweight boxer Alexander Povetkin on Tuesday announced the termination of cooperation with his manager Vladimir Khryunov. “As I see it, Khryunov will remain in this company, he has a lot of experience, good connections with the WBA,” said Baklanov in a telephone conversation with a R-Sport correspondent. Read more "
Novosibirsk: Czech waits for historical confrontation in the Europa League final

Czech expects historic confrontation in the Europa League final

This Benfica is stronger than the one we beat last season. She has cool, talented players, high-speed attack, and indeed the team is well balanced. Follow the events of the meeting in the text broadcast on our portal! Benfica Lisbon (Football) Tournament historyList of compositionCalendarChelsi London (Football) Tournament historyStartupCalendar Audio League of Europe. Read more "

Czech champion may return to Russia

The closest survey will show how things are going. But perhaps Roman will remain in the Czech Republic. Now, no options can not be excluded. Recall that in Russia Adamov advocated Volgograd Olimpia, Moscow, Grozny Terek, Kazan Rubin, Rostov and Samara Krylya Sovetov. Read more "
Novosibirsk: KHL: Donbass lost again at home, this time to Vanguard

KHL: Donbass lost again at home, this time to Vanguard

A solid load fell on the share of Jan Laco, who put maximum effort, but could not put Ivanov to distinguish himself in the seventh minute of the match. Video preview of the moment showed that the puck crossed the goal line of Donbass. Having returned the game to the Avant-garde zone, the players of the HC Donbass again faced the main problem - the Omsk goalkeeper. Only now courage Kari Ramo has become incredibly obvious. Read more "

Miron Markevich: “In a match with Omonia, an effective draw will arrange”

Today, we were already in the game with the Miner. I am confident that the match with Kryvbas Dynamo has already been dismantled, left in the past and are preparing to take away the victory from Lutsk. Results and schedule of all matches 1/16 finals Why there are a lot of French players in the team. In the confrontation with Malaga, we have seen how difficult it is to play after a goalless draw away, Pischek stressed. Read more "

Van Ginkel considers Dzagoeva one of the best in Russia

I play just above the defenders line. My task was to restrain Dzagoev - he is one of the best Russian football players. I thought that if I managed, Russia would not be so good. Read more "

"Kairat" how much of this word

For a long time, this football team, being, in fact, a national team of the republic, defended the football honor of Kazakhstan at the stadiums of the entire Soviet Union and the countries of the far abroad, as they are now called abroad. It was then that the problems started. It seems that the management of the club to the fact that Kairat, like Phoenix, will rise from the ashes, was not ready. In any case, did not expect this resurrection so soon. Read more "