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Football news in Russia today, December 12: Russian youth football team lost to Italians

The meeting, held on Wednesday in Imola, ended with the score 3: 1 in favor of the Italian national team. The only goal of the Russians was Maxim Pronichev from the penalty spot in the 44th minute of the meeting. Kaliningrad Stadium for the 2013 World Cup will be designed for 850 million rubles Omsk NPO Mostovik will design the stadium for 45 thousand seats, which should appear in Kaliningrad for the 2013 World Cup; the cost of the work will be about 850 million rubles, according to the government of the region. Read more "

And again, Seleznev scores

Lutsk match started alive. Both teams from the first minute rushed to attack. And they did it very well and inventively. However, the sharpness at both gates did not remove the bagels from the scoreboard, which so hung there for half an hour. A wonderful performance performed by both teams was crowned with an acrobatic etude by Zozuli, who gave a pass to Juliano. Once on his own with the gate, the Brazilian had no choice but to ship the projectile into the net. Read more "

Cycling news in Russia today, January 11: The composition of the women's team "Rusvelo" for the 2013 season became known

Kupfernagel played for Rusvelo last season, after which its contract with the team ended. The 38-year-old cyclist is the only non-Russian woman in the team whose colors are defended by the two-time Olympic medalist, 2013 Olga Zabelinskaya. Read more "

BC "Astana": Ambiguous November

It turned out not quite the same as a very good October for our team. But what to do: there are no victories without defeats, it is an axiom ... Sooner or later, world basketball giants lose this sport, it’s impossible to win everybody and always. Read more "

Milan leaves no chance for Sampo

Bravo, bravo, bravo. These injuries they received in the game of the 7th round of the championship of Spain against Barcelona (2: 2). There is a chance in Saint-Denis now. A brilliant solo pass was a success to Stefan El-Shaaravi, who left out of place three defenders at once and irresistibly struck into the left six. Read more "

A. Konte won the first victory after the disqualification with Juve :: Football ::

CSKA: Akinfeev, Fernandez, V. Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Nababkin, Cauuna (Sekou Olis, 78), Elm, Honda (Wernbloom, 89), Dzagoev, Tosic (Mamaev, 70), Musa. Anji did not undertake anything dangerous until the 66th minute, until he almost paid for his relaxation: Honved could even the score, but Delceg from the surest position struck by. Read more "

The third draw "sailors"

On the background of the partners in the national team, the midfielder of the Portuguese Sporting from Lisbon, Marat Izmailov, stood out positively. But our match with Porto once again convinced me that our club has a good potential to play with teams that are stronger than us. The first half was an equal fight, but before the dangerous moments it did not reach. Thus, Dmitry restored the balance, and as it turned out as a result, helped the hosts to avoid defeat. Read more "

Dnipro achieved strong-willed victory in the match with AIK

Despite the goal, missed in the middle of the first half, and the injury sustained by goalkeeper Andrei Dikan, the red-and-whites drove three points from Perm. In the confrontation with the “Valencia”, the Catalans were saved from defeat only thanks to the dubious penalty, realized by Brazilian Ronaldinho, 1: 1. Read more "

Russian swimmer drew a new logo of her sponsor on a bathing suit with nail polish

Efimova also said that she was very uncomfortable in the Arena swimsuit, but the WFTU itself forbade her to sign an entire personal contract with Speedo. Thus, according to the athlete, the federation refused to pay for a trip to the championship of the planet to the city of Barcelona of her father, as well as coach Andrei Efimov. Read more "