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Shirokov quarreled with Solovyov

In addition to the necessary procedures at LSK CSKA, the 2012 world champion conducts an assigned program at the treatment and rehabilitation center of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. Andrei Arshavin gave a brilliant pass into the penalty area, the ball went through Alexander Kerzhakov, but he did not push it into the net. In general, when critical moments touch a person and come out in this way, it is called vanity, believes Kolpinskaya rocket. Read more "

Valery Gazzaev: "All participants of a very high-level tournament"

The meeting between the 10-year-old football players will be held in Yaroslavl on August 20 at the stadium of the patrons of the Leather Ball 2005 tournament - the Shinnik football club. As I said, we have problems with the first period. Not for nothing that there is still no star representative of the NHL from North America in Russia. And only today Niklas will go on the ice to conduct the appropriate testing, which will give answers to all these questions. Read more "

Sheriff trashes neighbors

In the 18th minute of the match in Ramat Gan, the Dynamo’s statistics improved. Team Jose Mourinho quickly took control of the game and filed three corners in the first ten minutes. The first goal was due to an oversight of Romero - Cesc passed along the penalty line and from under the defender, as soon as he could have struck into the very corner - unnoticed by the goalkeeper. Read more "

In Sochi, the IOC Evaluation Commission will meet with activists of environmental and public organizations

Reports about it "All sport". "On February 5, eight environmental and non-governmental organizations from Sochi and the North Caucasus addressed IOC President Jacques Rogue, IOC Evaluation Committee Chairperson Chikhar Igaye, IOC Country Manager for Candidate Towns Jacqueline Barre, IOC Olympic Director, Gilbert Felli, Sport and IOC Commission Chairman environment "Palu Schmitt and IOC environmental adviser Simon Balderstone asking to meet with members of the Evaluation Commission ... Read more "
Novosibirsk: Speed ​​skating news in Russia today, January 21: The speed skater San Hwa Lee was surprised at her world record in Calgary

Speed ​​skating news in Russia today, January 21: The speed skater San Hwa Lee surprised her world record in Calgary

Dutchman Kerstholt recognized the superiority of the Russians on the European Short Track Championships One of the leaders of the Dutch national team in short track Nils Kerstholt admitted that his team was not able to defend the title of the best in the relay because the Russian team completely dominated this race at the European Championship. Read more "

Edward Glazunov: “We believed too early in what we can!”

Satpayevsky "Kazakhmys" against the expectations of specialists and fans at the end of the season finished only in 7th place. We asked the head coach of FC Kazakhmys, Eduard Glazunov, to share our opinion on the results of the championship. Do you understand how? Therefore, those guys that we had they earned, but according to certain money, level. Do you think that in some key matches of the season the judges were unfair to your club? How do you assess the level of refereeing of matches in ... Read more "

The coach who beat the fans. Rules of life of the new mentor HC Donbass

They noted that any unauthorized events could provoke riots, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. This is our first home game in the Champions League, so I want to hold it at a high level and make our fans happy with a victory. Read more "

Europa League. Genoa - Valencia 1: 2

Unai Emery even before the game made it clear that he was not going to use all the strongest in the match against Lille - with all due respect to the opponent, the calendar is not only long, but also heavy. I think, above all, representatives of the national teams of Ireland, Azerbaijan and France. Five points were awarded for the first place, four points for the second, and so on. Read more "

Marek Suchy: “I would like to play with Milan”

The beginning of the season - and immediately such a poster. More information: http: //www.bobsoccer. Liverpool midfielder Joe Cole will be able to play in the upcoming game of the 2nd round of the Europa League group stage against Udinese, reports the BBC. The third place in the fans' voting was taken by the Senegalese striker Dame N’Doy (21.8%). Some players have complaints about sores, but nothing serious, said Bento. Read more "