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Wimbledon: Serena Williams beat her older sister

The blind lot brought together in the first round of the Prague tournament with a prize fund of 220 thousand dollars of the Bondarenko sisters. Group A. Thailand: Ukraine Second Round 3: 5 (0: 5) Goals: Wongkaeo, 24, Supfavut, 35, Sornician, 39P Ovsyannikov, 3, Chepornyuk, 7, Rogachev, 13, 20, Pavlenko, 20. Read more "

French striker lost consciousness right in training

For the victory at the European Championships, each Spanish footballer will receive doubled premiums of 500 thousand euros. As you know, tomorrow the Ukrainian team will hold the match for the first time in its history in Kharkov. The broadcast of the match between Ukraine and Sweden will take place on the Inter TV channel (the beginning. Although it seems to me that a personal trainer should be proud that his student was in the national team, because this indicates a good result of his work. Read more "

Athletics Tournament Olympic champion prizes will be held on June 3-4 in Minsk

On the eve of my flight to Athens, my husband had a dream that I won a bronze medal. You are a professional, so compete ... ”That's precisely because I am a professional, I know what I need. 3. Sharonda Williams (USA) - 22.74 ... 8. Alexander Fedoriva (Russia) - 23.52. 800 m. 1. Mohammad Aman (Ethiopia) - 1.43,51. On the second day of the tournament for men, athletes will compete for awards in weight categories up to 84, 96 and 120 kg. Read more "

Euro 2013: European Brazilians against red fury

So why the vice-champions of Ukraine do not begin to carry out their plans already in this fight. It is impossible to see on TV what a person does without a ball, and football is such a game where it is very important. However, he believes, if Borussia shows its maximum, it will be able to overcome the Bavarian car. Stadium of La Rosaleda. We are favorites on paper, and winning will help achieve what we are striving for. Read more "

What are you, team?

At the Olympics in Sydney, Russian Olympians climbed to the second line of the unofficial team competition - 32 gold out of 89 medals. And it will be very difficult for him to rely on something. As for impressions, we won in the first game, and that was the main thing at that time. Midfielder Manchester United and the Scotland national team Darren Fletcher hopes that his team will manage to beat the Belgian team in the qualifying tournament of the 2014 World Cup. Read more "


A good time period, allowing you to show everything that you are capable of, not saving energy. Semifinal fights were very spectacular, in this regard there were no disappointments. Moreover, there is the impression that he is able to cope with the mediocre German Hübner. 00 Kyiv time. You can watch the live broadcast of this show on the Internet HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE. Read more "

Hockey: Russians prevented Canadians

Yes, we were lucky, we fought back, tried. Dale ERNHARDT, Jr. Hendrick Motorsport Chevrolet Impala 2070 ... 12. A member of the US Olympic team, Simon Cho admitted that during the 2011 World Championships he purposefully spoiled the fad of his rival Canadian team representative Olivier Gina. Read more "

In the finals of the "Russian Railways Cup" went the Spanish "Real" and the Dutch PSV "Eindhoven"

In possession of the ball, Pachuki had almost a twofold advantage (for example, the first half ended with 68% against 32% in favor of the Mexicans), but there was little use for that. Actually, I was the first to offer a foreign coach to the national team. I will certainly be beaten if I try to count how many times I came to Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk ... Read more "

Mikhail Fomenko: “There are chances even when there is no chance”

In this match, I think, Yuri Pavlovich will receive a lot of useful information about the players after the matches of the national teams, which are usually very difficult. Nevertheless, I can not blame my players for their unwillingness to fight, today they fought hard. ” Read more "