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The fourth match of European stars took place in Moscow

We hope for their honesty and objectivity. ” In the end, the Champions League "enterprise" is commercial, and the prize from UEFA for points earned will not be superfluous even for a financially prosperous club. laquo; Arsenal raquo; in the face of Gheorghe Florescu earns the 50th card in the nbsp; championships of Ukraine. This year, Olga Balakhtina, a student of secondary school No. 5 in the village of Sibirtsevo, as part of the winning team of the FEFD Championship, was recognized as the best player in the final. Read more "

To win awards in kickboxing and Thai boxing every year more and more difficult - Gaidukevich

Reyt Kirles, who has Estonian citizenship, returned from Germany. I really liked it, - the Ufimtsev official website quotes. Ochigawa is the only Russian woman to enter the ring on May 12. This five, as well as Alexander Gvozdik, who made his way to the quarter-finals, won six Olympic licenses for the 2012 Olympic Games in London for the country. He is afraid because he knows that the chances of defeating Klitschko are minimal. Read more "

Diego Maradona: "I am not surprised by the words of Blatter"

Well at least it raised before the Olympics. But in general, the referees this season judge our club very well. And he remains so no matter what. Thus, the championship outsiders Larisa and Panserraikos will be able to stay in the big leagues. Even Maradona could envy Kuznetsov. In the fifth minute, Sebastian Romero opened the scoring and this goal remained the only one for the whole match. Boateng name is the capital of Spain In the capital of Spain in the summer can move Ghanaian Kevin-Prince Boateng. Read more "

Nakhodka "Ocean" is preparing for a new football season

Thus, 26 nbsp; June to nbsp; we will be joined by Dario Srna and nbsp; Razvan Rat. By the way, the players of the “basis” of Shakhtar are constantly in the field of view of European clubs. According to the newspaper Sport-Express, this was stated by the general director of the Khabarovsk club Sergei FELDMAN. March 27, they will play in Moscow with the championship debut capital FC Sport Sportakademklub. Read more "

Hodgson: No one knows in which direction Liverpool will move

I am healthy, everything is fine, and I am 100% ready for battle. Now we will do everything together to bring the team to a serious level. But you can not nbsp; doubt shy; it’s clear that there will definitely be problems with nbsp; holding the youth championship fights. Read more "

Vitaly Kvartsyany appeared before FTC FFU

Mandatory contender for the title Vitali Klitschko began training in Spain. The Briton said he would knock out Vitali in the 8th round. As for our team, everything suits me so far. In Sweden, the air is fresher and cooler, and here the atmosphere is stuffy. For guests and participants there are several cableways that will shorten the travel time at times. Read more "

Vitaly Vitsenets: “In the match with Dynamo we will play to win”

The account was first opened by the St. Petersburg team - a goal was scored by Vladimir Tarasenko. The match France - Uruguay will be held on the evening of June 11 and will begin at 22:30 Moscow time. The prize of the best player of the match was received by Markus Hatten from Tel Aviv “Hapoel”. By the way, both teams used in the match almost all the players. If in the championship a mistake in the center of the field can go unnoticed, then in the League this is fraught with consequences. Read more "

"Lokomotiv" stopped the winning march of "Saryarki"

The newly-minted Russian superbike champion Vladimir Ivanov especially excelled in both components. Mormeck said that the Puerto Rican referee Luis Pavon hurried to stop the bout because he was ready to continue. Denis Glushakov scored a wonderful goal, thereby forcing the guests to sit down on the defensive even more. Match Tour In the central match of the tour Dnepropetrovsk tied with the champion of Ukraine. Read more "

Messi assists Cesc twice, and Rooney assists Van Persie. Results of matches in groups G and H. VIDEO

Already then the wounded beast was finished off by Chicharito, Buttner and Powell. Wigan - Blackburn - 3: 3 (2: 1) Goals: Gomez, 7, Caldwell, 31, Crusat, 88 - Aegbeni, 2, 90 + 2, with pen. And in the second half, Boni came out with the hosts and Rooney with the guests, who added to two more goals. Such a success raised the team to sixth place in the standings. Read more "