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Pele became a Russian

Yes, since he avoided high energy costs. Suleymani, 90 (6: 1). Uzbekistan’s football team is ranked 70th in the FIFA rankings. With these components, Oleg Vladimirovich will work as long as he has the strength and capabilities. Read more "

“It was a ruby”

We entered the field in a good mood and acted with the utmost dedication, - said Fayzulin. We always count on him, because he is one of the leaders of Barça. At the same time, they also showed a good game, ”said Elm. In general, I think we approached the game seriously and pleased our fans, ”Terek quotes Cherchesov’s official website. Read more "

Zarya beat Slovenian "Aluminum"

But that was later, and the game began with massive Metalist attacks on the gates of the guests. In the Euroleague 1-round match, the Spanish “Barcelona” beat “Bamberg”. Anatoly PODVOYSKIY In addition, in the 8th minute, the leader of the French team, midfielder Frank Ribery, was injured. The second scoring chance arose after a pass from the right flank. Read more "

Spartak Buys Danish Gerrard

Lacina Traore scored in each of these fights at the gates of the red-and-whites, so the defenders of Spartak need to keep an eye on the Africans as closely as possible. And Kun Aguero in a high arc threw the ball into the net. We add that among the contenders for nbsp; Torres and nbsp; Gerrard are also called the London laquo; Chelsea raquo; and nbsp; madrid laquo; real raquo ;. Read more "

Akhmetov praised Surkis for inviting Colleen

And then, maybe, we will analyze, and I will definitely comment on what is more important and better for us. But anyway, I will be glad to any opportunity to hold their next match in Russia. In nbsp; last Saturday, the curator of the refereeing system in nbsp; professional football of Ukraine Pierluigi Collina held a regular meeting with nbsp; arbitrators of the Ukrainian Premier League. Read more "

Maradona demands a refutation: he did not apologize for the “hand of God”

By the way, then Ruiz also filed a protest in the WBA, but there they decided to leave the result in force. This is stated in the press service of the President with reference to the speech of Yushchenko at the meeting of the coordinating council on preparations for the final part of Euro 2012 in Ukraine. Read more "

The men's curling world championship ended in Basel, Switzerland. Team Canada with

In addition to the gold medal, Yulia Levochkina twice updated the world record, which she set at the July World Cup stage in Chamonix (8.53 seconds). Not the hockey elite, but, as they say, the Junior championship should be started from something to be held in Kiev. Wins with the same score of 1.5: 0.5 were achieved by Leko, Khalifman, Radjabov, Shirov, Azmaiparashvili and Anand, who met their inferior rivals. Read more "

18th round of ChU: forecast from Igor Ischenko. Dynamo's victory and Shakhtar's defeat

The first goal Khudzhamov scoring ty. Inter did not even have time to respond with something in the attack, as he missed the second goal. 00 Dynamo (Kiev) nbsp; mdash; Dinamo (Minsk) stadium laquo; Homeland raquo; What happened today. True, Tyson, who was present in the national team of the year, had already changed his registration and became a player of the Miner, and Celine joined Dynamo. Domagoj Vida can become the third Croat in the current Dynamo. Read more "

Basketball. Latvian national team beat the Czech Republic in a friendly match

In the light heavyweight (80-85 kg), Russia will be represented by a 24-year-old Edward Yakushev. 00 Moscow time PRESS HERE. Denis Berinchik, a silver medalist of the Olympic Games in London, will make his debut in “atamans”. WSB: Russian team. Mexican team. At the preliminary stage of the WSB team in Russia (Russia Boxing Team) in Group A, it competes with Algeria, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Mexico and Poland. Read more "