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Evgeny Medvedev: “Defenders of Ak Bars” take away the bread from the attackers "

Deco has always been a very respected player in the team, but now he is enjoying football again, scoring and playing his own football. While Radulov left only to finish the season. You need to tune and work, work, work. Only one will come out of the ring as a winner ... Therefore, the faster he gets comfortable in the new-old place, the faster we will get in his face the striker that the national team needs. Read more "

UEFA Cup. Group D. Spartak loses victory in the last minutes, Udinese wins

Position leaders: 1. "Valencia" 13 points (5 matches); 2. Barcelona 12 (5); 3. “Real” 11 (5); ... 7. "Seville" 8 (5). For a foul on Gatskan, the arbitrator appointed a penalty, which Dziuba implemented without any problems. However, they, fortunately, were not confirmed, and in a duel it was to score two goals, which drew a line under this equal duel. The home team played their usual football - good control of the ball in the center of the field and a bet on counterattacks, while the Spurs more forced the situation on the flanks, relying on serving ... Read more "

For whom Collina is calling

By the way, last Sunday Collina headed the UEFA Judicial Department, leaving a similar post in the Italian Arbitrators Association. FIFA and UEFA meet people, they discuss candidates. But to him, as to the professional of the first test, other requirements simply advanced. The Ukrainian judiciary is not represented in the ranking. Without this in any way: President Igor Surkis is able to forgive the players - with him, Artem will have no problems. Read more "

Shatskikh: "Go to Shakhtar? Excluded"

Therefore, these attacks were not very alive. Sports Director Metalist: Now a football player is like a real company. I thank Metalist for everything he has done for me in these two and a half years. We analyzed that match, dismantled our game, which will certainly help us in the next meeting. Next year we will fight for gold medals, ”added Surkis. Read more "

Championship course Hiddink. Results of the 10th round of the RPL

There was no hint that Dynamo would catch the glasses. Every moment Louis gnaws - in a figurative, and now in the literal sense. The devils won a hard-willed victory (already the ninth in this championship) and returned to their points, recklessly lost in the match with Tottenham. Read more "

Napoli's owner: Let's let Edinson Cavani go to Manchester sititko in the event of an exchange of players ...

But you can’t console fans with this - the match at Anfield turned out to be just awful from the point of view of entertainment. Cavani took the ball from him, entered the penalty box, and when he tried to punch, the same Mott knocked him down. Manchester City is sent to Old Trafford in an effort to prove that they can compete on an equal footing with their eminent neighbor. And it is easier to lower players to the ground than to drive self-confidence into their heads. Read more "

Yevgeny YEVSEEV: “They could count on a draw with Shakhtar”

I will not dispute the decision of Blokhin regarding us. We simply did not have time to return to our half of the field. 200 m. Evgeny Lagunov, Artem Lobuzov, Vitaly Syrnikov. Why is born before our eyes. After shooting through Tishchenko from the right flank, the ball fell into the hand of the Shakhtar defender. To those I personally would refer to Kingsley, as well as with a stretch of Dimitrov and Mario Sergio ... Read more "

Sergey Bulygin: “If we lose by the course, then we shoot well”

The doors to the national team are not closed for anyone; the head coach has said this more than once. At the same time, there are official written statements in the RFU on the resignation of members of the RFU executive committee, Sergei Ivanov, Viktor Zubkov and Sergei Stepashin. Read more "

Basketball players of "Yenisei" today at home will be a rival for Eurochallenge

Dinamo, having spent fewer games than Siberians, still remain a potential leader of the championship. Now Yenisei occupies the second place in the standings of the Russian Super League Championship, its rival Arkhangelsk HC Vodnik is in ninth place. Read more "