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Kalitvintsev: We looked at a very small number of candidates

Then the training will definitely break down - Wish yourself on your birthday, and we will join these wishes - First of all, probably, health. But this is an incredible season that I will never forget. Given that you are playing away, a draw can be considered satisfactory. We enter all matches with only one purpose - to win, and the game in St. Petersburg will not be an exception. Read more "

Former senior coach of the Finnish ski team has been supplying illicit drugs from Holland

The decision on the appointment of the head coach of the women's national team of Russia will be made early next year, told the “SE” general manager VFV, curator of the female direction Vladislav Fadeev. The national teams of Armenia and nbsp; Macedonia, on nbsp; my opinion, are on the same level. Four years later, women's weightlifting was introduced into the program of the Olympic Games. Read more "

In one day of competitions in the Berlin championship in water sports, Ukrainian athletes three times climbed the podium

We are waiting for a very spectacular fight. Last year, the final stage of the tournament was held in Monaco, after which Ian Klochkova attended the reception at the Prince of Monaco Albert. In terms of the manner of performing the exercises, and externally, she very much resembles Kabaev of the same small sprout, the same children's enthusiasm, the same branded “grimaces”. Read more "

Lviv deputies defended the "Karpat"

The fans of the Russian team are the same face of our football as the national team itself. Recall, after the first four races, Schumacher gives up 40 points to Nico Rosberg, his young partner, already four times ahead of him in qualifications. Read more "

Otar Kushanashvili: "I would not be surprised if Zavorotnyuk is offered the role of Yashin"

I think the game was equal. I think he needs to adhere to the lifestyle he is leading now - do not drink or smoke, then it will be easy for him to return to training if he wants to return. We need a regional training center for boxers, where people could live, train and learn. True, while I do not know how many minutes they will be enough tomorrow. Read more "

Taison: this is the right choice, I really want to help “Miner” to achieve new titles

Grant did not reproach Boateng, who did not realize a penalty three minutes before Drogba's goal, but only complained about his own failure. If anyone underestimates Celtic, it’s definitely not us. One can clearly see the third option - when a drunk olympic champion trades in medals in a third-place pub. You respect me .. Our team at the youth level is consistent in medals. Read more "

Second League. 24 are called to start

About this on Tuesday, March 15, reports Agence France-Presse, with reference to the official statement of the IAEA. According to him, the purpose of the trip is to raise the theme of the world and the future of all mankind. But Alexandria now has to believe in the miracle of the name of the victory over the Miner and the defeat of the Carpathians and Obolon's draws so as not to fly out. However, the Jamaican Federation defended the seven-time Olympic champion and acquitted her. Read more "

Lyon showed Dynamo how to hit Bordeaux on the native field + Photo

First day Dynamo (Moscow) mdash; Dinamo (Minsk) mdash; 2: 1 (2: 1) Goals: Chesnauskis (25), D. Kombarov (43, pen. Also in his career were Osijek (2006-2010) and Leverkusensky Bayer (2010-2011). The second half was remembered for a lot of struggle, But nothing more. See also: Forward Dynamo: We only strive for victory Recall that the match Shakhtar - Dynamo will take place on August 4. Read more "

Arsenal - Dynamo. On the eve of

Last season, the people of Kiev wanted to buy Vida, but the amount of 4 million euros proposed by Igor Surkis did not suit the Croatian side. Dynamo again acted unconvincingly, failed to establish counterplay and were periodically mistaken in defense. Read more "