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Showbiz news today, August 15: strip Lolita at the subway, Robby Williams's incurable disease

Reported by Reuters. According to experts who conducted the examination, asphyxia is the official cause of death of Robin Williams. In this case, the wife of the actor assured that he did not violate the refusal of alcoholic beverages. Recall that Robin Williams was found hanged in his own house in California on August 11. According to him, several cuts were also found on the actor’s hand. Read more "

SportTOP 2013: remember everyone!

In addition, another leader of our national team, the champion of Russia Eduard Vorganov, will take part in the competitions in the Netherlands. Starting with a penalty, which was not assigned to their goal at the very beginning of the match, and ending with a cross-bar strike in the last seconds. Read more "

Surkis: There is still a threat to play without play

Aliyev has the right to play for the national team of Ukraine and will play for her if the head coach so decides. ” I hoped that our team would continue to progress like this. Moreover, these people are not associated with any player or clubs, but simply sell the air. Of course, Feyenoord still had two things that could be realized. Read more "

For the race car driver Jacques Villeneuve, the actress of the minoog has lost weight, became a blonde and sacrificed her career.

There were a lot of people who wanted to get into the team; there was a real struggle between the deputies and senators for the right to play in the national team. Four competition records were set at the 48th Palio della Quercia tournament in Rovereto, Italy (this is the final competition of the season from the EA series). Read more "

RONALDU: “We are guilty that they scored first”

Additional information: http: // ... Portugal is the first and possibly the only serious opponent for our team.2. Yes, we started well enough. This is a rare case in my career, four goals we scored after the corner. The country's champions even allowed the major leagues to win the first half of the match. Read more "

Medvedev proposed to introduce a lifelong ban on stadium visits for fans

Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Sergei Stepashin took the initiative to introduce criminal liability for the organization of match fixing. The possibility of changing the draft federal laws relating to the punishment of fans for offenses was also discussed. Read more "

Yaroshenko: Advances not yet justified

These players raise the level of “Anji”, and the appearance of such guys makes the competition in the team sharper. It was worth playing more tightly. Physical fatigue prevented, especially for the starting five. Incredibly, but a fact: it is not the first time that these things get away with the hands of Hook. Yes, he lost the last match, but before that he retained the title thanks to a technical draw, having gone to the trick. Read more "
Novosibirsk: Shakhtar players - about a draw with Vorskla

Shakhtar players - draw with Vorskla

Miner's top scorer in the Champions League group stage games today is Jadson. We note that yesterday Metalist from Kharkov played a goalless draw with Berlin’s Herta in the UEFA Cup group round match. Ruslan sent the ball to the right, to Douglas, who stepped a few steps and sent a ball in a round stroke to the far corner. But I always believed in myself and my strength. Read more "
Novosibirsk: Recently, you have been particularly worried about the scars on your face.

Tevez does not intend to get rid of facial scars

But when I do it - I do not know. Of course, finding motivation when you won all the titles in your sport is not easy. The Governor of the Samara region, Nikolai Merkushkin, remarked: the region under his jurisdiction will have to work “on the whole front” of preparations for the 2018 World Cup. Read more "