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Feshchuk: "You can expect everything from the Carpathians"

It all depends on the recovery of the players, and their physical condition during the season. Story materials: Europa League. The head coach of the national team of Denmark, Morten Olsen, on the eve of the 2014 World Cup qualifying match against Italy, said that Mario Balotelli and Daniele De Rossi fear most of all. Read more "

Paralympic Belarusian champion Igor Bokii did not expect to win six medals

For the first set of medals in the championship marathoners fought at a distance of 10 kilometers. Fortunately, something in the elevator got stuck there, and he stopped. In addition, the winners and prize-winners of each stage can earn 300, 150 and 75 euros, respectively. Read more "

Andriy Shevchenko: “Euro 2012 will be my last competition in a T-shirt of the Ukrainian team”

The most pronounced leadership qualities of Kevin. Dr. Müller-Wolfart is not able to help us this week, as well as the next one, because of the participation of Bavaria in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Zinedine hopes that both teams will be at the World Cup in South Africa as far as possible. The origin and love for their work, their club unites us, - said Stepan Fedorovich. Read more "

Moshak: Ukraine will take Canada in Kiev "Meridian"

Belarus with a zero index occupied the last step and in the last match did not pretend to anything. In any case, until the victory in the final is just one step, and we sincerely wish our guys to do it. Therefore, I think we will have no problems with motivation for the upcoming games. Silver, thus, will get an American Hiles Fontaine, who was able to score 5733 points. Read more "

M. Kirilenko rose to 10th place in the WTA champion race :: Tennis

VESNINA (Russia) - 634 The Russian team was among the ten best teams in the world for the first time in ten years, the official FIFA website reports. Williams without any problems beat the second racket of the tournament against Frenchwoman Amelie Mauresmo 6: 2, 6: 2, and Sharapova took the upper hand over her compatriot Svetlana Kuznetsova 4: 6, 6: 2, 6: 2. Read more "

So far, only Berdych

Recall that 35 riders will take part in the race, 22 teams from 10 countries of the world. In Moscow, there is nothing but the center of Olympic training, which is located in a comprehensive school, where there are only two platforms. The results of the remaining matches of the 18th round: Metalurgs Khimik 1: 0, Riga Riga Vitebsk 5-2, Brest Youth 3: 3, Neman Khimvolokno 2-4, Keramin »“ Gomel ”3: 0. Read more "

Riga "Dynamo" beat CSKA

Domagoj Vida can become the third Croat in the current Dynamo. In 2005, the competitions became traditional; they are the start of the winter athletics season for children. The total mass of equipment transported from USK CSKA to Khodynka is about 28 tons. Could not have been able to recover from the injury. But now such a situation has arisen, and thanks to CSKA for understanding me, they went to meet me and let me go, ”Guskov emphasized. Read more "

“Chicago” in overtime snatched victory from “Toronto”, Boozer scored 36 points

Psychologically it is very difficult to play the role of a catch-up after you have won throughout the match. The winners of the most productive was the newcomer team Richard Guinn 18 points. After the match, Bykov and his charges were congratulated by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Shakhtar won the victory in the 104th minute of the meeting, the Pitmen's defender Kucher, who finished the ball into the Metallurg goal after Rakitsky's “shot”. Read more "

IBRAHIMOVICH: “Mourinho will return to England”

Alexander KERZHAKOVA knocks midfielder Grozny residents Oleg IVANOV. Then they did an MRI, and it became clear that the knee was not in the best condition. Additional information: http: // rsport. This was told by the President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev, according to the Internet edition of The fight with the participation of a boxer from Uzbekistan will be held in the German city of Stuttgart. Read more "